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9 Ways To Grow Your Practice and Attract New Patients in 2021

Conducting a marketing “checkup” provides you with the opportunity to reevaluate your marketing plans, goals and strategies so you can identify what “problems” need solving in your practice, and solve them before you spend any time and money creating your marketing budget.


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January 14th @ 11am PST

Jumpstart your practice in the New Year and tap into the business & marketing strategies that can help you make more money, help more people, and build the practice of your dreams.

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About the Speaker, Jeffrey Grossman, EAMP

Jeffrey is an expert-authority on business and marketing strategies, and currently teaches the practice management class at Middleway Acupuncture Institute. He has lectured at FSOMA and PCOM symposiums, and is a guest speaker at various acupuncture schools and associations. Since 2002, he has been creating and sharing patient education materials, marketing tools, practice building materials and websites for the acupuncture profession. 

What We Will Cover

Just like you would have your patients come in for a “checkup”, you should do the same for your practice. This way, you can detect and correct any potential problems and outline strategies to help you grow your practice and attract new patients.

In this FREE training you will learn:

  • How to create SMART goals that align with your practice goals and values
  • The BIG “problem” every practitioner overlooks in their practice that leads to patients falling out of care and how to plug the “Problem” once and for all so you can stop spinning your marketing wheels and focus on helping more people 
  • Why doing this ONE thing will help you connect more with your patients and allow you to attract more high-quality patients that you LOVE working with and pay you for your services 
  • How to create “Touch-Points” in your practice that make patients tay in care and refer more people to you 
  • And SO much more…
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