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This Simple Marketing Tool Can Double or Triple your Business!

Dec 24, 2020

This simple marketing tool can double or triple your business!


If you’re like me, you’ve taken plenty of business courses and seminars. You probably spend a fair amount of time reading related articles online, too. One of the common themes in such financial guidance is “getting people through the door.” I’ve encountered plenty of super helpful advice on how to make contact with potential patients and/or referrals. But what happens after that first couple of sessions? Too often, there’s a drop-off.


Upon graduating Acupuncture school, I went to work for one of my professors. My experience proved the above point. Patients would come in for a treatment. If I was lucky, there’d be a follow-up session. Then, they’d vanish. This not only spelled doom for my income but I was not getting the chance to create results for my patients. I went into this field to help people and thrive in the process. Thus, my first job was a lose-lose proposition.


There’s so much more to success than getting someone in for their first visit. I didn’t grasp at the time what steps to take during that first session! What you do then will determine whether or not they stick with you long term. Will they disappear or will they prepay for 10 or 20 treatments? What I cover in this article is a low cost but rarely used method to answer that question. I’m talking about the “welcome packet.”


Six Benefits of Using Welcome Packs

  1. More financial freedom
  2. Less stress
  3. A full schedule of patients every day
  4. Better clinical results for those patients
  5. More referrals
  6. Positive word of mouth


What Goes in a Welcome Pack?


  1. Welcome letter

This is where you introduce yourself and show your patients that you’re committed to their health. Make them feel welcome and comfortable. Let them know their questions will be answered. You are there to support them in any way. Put it in writing and they will share it with others. And who isn’t looking for a committed and friendly healthcare provider these days? Other information in your welcome letter may include:

  • A list of services your clinic provides. They know you’re an acupuncturist but they may not realize you have, say, a massage therapist on staff.
  • What conditions you treat and how. This is where referrals happen.
  • Cancellation policy. Write this in bold and slightly larger lettering. Establish your rules at the beginning to avoid misunderstandings and frustrations in the future.
  • Local health care referral. Inform the patient that should they require a referral, you can supply them with information about local practitioners. Let them know you feel confident they will be treated with the same respect.


(Note: If you don't know any local doctors, get to know them. Once they see you’re sending patients their way, they tend to refer people to you as well.)


  1. Report of findings

Here, you inform patients what you will be treating them for and how many sessions they’ll need for maximum results. This is super important. You are the health pro. Therefore, you need to show them a plan. If you don’t, you’re planning to fail. Without such a plan, the patient will not know what’s best for them. Earn their trust and they will follow your lead.


  1. Rates

A clear listing of your prices. Based on your treatment recommendation, let them know upfront how much your plan will cost. Some acupuncturists do packages, some work with insurance, others give a free treatment after a certain number of sessions, others don't change their rate at all. That is completely up to you. But showing a patient how much your recommended plan costs is crucial. Once they have a number to work with, go over payment methods with them. 


  1. Specific content

Include, for example, an article (best of all, something you’ve written) about the patient’s chief complaint. Show them how acupuncture can help or has been proven to help through research. Another option: Ready Postcards by Acupuncture Media Works. I highly recommend both choices. It will showcase you as an expert and build more trust in you and your treatment. 


  1. Social media postcard

Outlets like Facebook are everywhere and chances are, all your patients use them. I can talk about social media for days but it’d be outside the scope of this article. For now:

  • I highly recommend you cultivate a great presence on Facebook and showcase your expertise. It's free and most people spend about 20 minutes a day on it.
  • Share valuable, health-related information on a regular basis.
  • A good way to let people know about your Page is by creating some inexpensive postcards that say "Don't forget to LIKE us on Facebook. We share some cool tips, tricks, and specials daily!" Have a designer create an eye-catching postcard that includes your logo, practice name, and the Facebook logo.
  • For design help, you can barter with a patient or go to com and have a designer take care of everything for about $5. 


Your Welcome Packet does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. It will assist in "sealing the deal" and helping you create a successful practice! I urge you to use this marketing tool and be consistent. Try it for 90 days and compare! I’m sure it’ll increase your numbers and more importantly, will have an even more positive effect on your patient's health. 

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