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How to Attract New Patients Who Take Action!

Dec 24, 2020


Does this sound familiar?

You’re at a networking event, you meet your neighborhood naturopath, fall in love with them and agree to refer patients to one another.

And, well...nothing happens.

Or you’re at a health talk, you do great, then decide to give out your business cards and literature at the end and of the course.

And, again, nothing happens!

But I’m here to show you one of the simplest marketing tools you can use to help you attract plenty of new patients, and bypass these problems before they happen.

I’ve been using something new, a technique that consistently attracts new patients, call-to-action cards!

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Call-to-action cards are essentially business cards that get people to take action by either scheduling an appointment or joining you at a networking event you host.  One idea is to host an Acupuncture Happy Hour, new prospects can try acupuncture for a low cost using the 20-20-2 Technique - 20 minutes, 20 dollars, two stress relieving points.

Call-to-action cards are one of the most important things you have to utilize to grow your practice; give opportunity to prospective patients to try acupuncture.

First off, let me ask you this… how hard is it for you to hand a business card to someone? If you’re like most acupuncturists, it’s probably the easiest form of marketing you’ll embrace at anytime.

It’s simple, someone shows an interest in what you do, and you hand them  your business card.

But you’re probably missing out on the best marketing opportunity you can imagine.

If you went the traditional route, you probably printed a bunch of business cards with your name, clinic address and phone number on them. You may have these essentials on your card, but I bet there is something you are missing.

I’m thinking you probably don’t have a strong call-to-action on your business cards. Does your card invite people in to try acupuncture, get a free consultation or discounted treatment?

I’ve noticed a big problem. A lot of acupuncturists don’t have a strong call-to-action on their business cards. Below are a few of the call-to-action cards our customers have used to attract hundreds of patients over the years.

Call-to-action Cards that Work
Here's a low cost way to try Call-to-action cards, we've created 27+ designs with 4 call-to-actions (that work) to choose from. 

Important: Our cards also include free personalization. Include your clinic name and address or any information you think is important.


View our Gallery of Call-to-action Cards

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